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Lina’s cream limoncello is a perfect balance of light cream and, just the right amount of lemon with hints of vanilla and a bit of warmth at the finish to pull it all together.

Extremely versatile, Lina’s is equally delicious served straight, over ice, in coffee or espresso, or as an ingredient in a cocktail. For dessert lovers, make a simple pound cake into a sumptuous creation by drizzling with Lina’s and garnishing with your favorite fruit.

Taking its cues from the Italian classical blue and yellow color pallet, antique pattern closure and ceramic designs so famous on the Amalfi coast, the Lina’s bottle is a beautiful addition to any table.

Lina’s is based on our Italian family recipe, so from our family to yours, enjoy!

750ML. 14% ALC/VOL

*Must Be 21+ Years of age to Purchase

The recipe for Lina’s was given to me by a family member from the Abruzzo region of Italy. I always keep a stock of it in my fridge since family and friends love it, and have come to expect a bottle on the table when they visit. Everyone began requesting bottles and I peeled more lemons than I can count! I was encouraged to share this wonderful libation with as many people as possible. Lina’s Crema di Limoncello is the result, and has been a true labor of love.



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